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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eating Right Kids: A Review

Packing a lunch everyday can be exhausting. I do love the convenience of packaged meals for Macie's lunchbox, but since the nutrition factors are sometimes just ridiculous , it is not something we do that often.

Enter Eating Right Kids. This line of packaged meals and drinks, along with snacks and produce items offer more than 60 items. Safeway and Warner Brothers teamed up to bring a new simple concept to kids' foods - make it better for them! They made is so good, in fact, is was highlighted by the FTC for "its ability to have a positive impact on childhood obesity".

We received a lunchbox filled with what a typical lunch would look like: a fruit bar, a fruit snack in a small container and a heat and serve meal. In addition to that, we also received a bottle of juice. My immediate thought is Macie does not have access to a microwave so the actual idea of her taking it to school is not doable.

But nonetheless, I made it for the Macie at home. The container was large enough to feed Macie for one lunch with leftovers. She loved it! The great thing about it is they have Warner Bros. characters on the packaging, which will help you child enjoy it even more.

Overall, this is a great idea and these are a step in the right direction for packaged food! Even though I rarely buy items like this, these products will be on my list for when the time comes that I need a break!

Gotta have it? Eating Right Kids is available at Safeway.

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Disclosure: This review is possible through Team Mom. Team Mom and/or Warner Bros. and Safeway sponsored this post by providing me a lunchbox filled with two snack items, a heat and serve meal and juice so that I may write a product review. My product review is an expression of my own honest opinion based on my experience trying the product, and is not reviewed or edited by Team Mom and/or Warner Bros. and Safeway. Team Mom and/or Warner Bros. and Safeway does not compensate me in any other way for this product review.


girlymama said...

how was the nutrition info on the packaged meal? did it have lots of sodium?

Alaina @ Three Ladies and a Dad said...

The meal we received had around 450 mg in it which is not too bad when compared to other packaged meals.

It was the first thing I checked...glad to know other mommas do the same thing!