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Monday, June 28, 2010

Build-A-Bear Part 2

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After breakfast, the fun really started. Over the course of the two days at the Bearquarters, I learned so many things about the company. I honestly can not say one bad thing about my experience. We were all treated like royalty, our families included!

Maxine Clark has a wonderful team. I would imagine that the founder of BAB would be friendly, but she is so much more than that. Kind, generous, down-to-earth, welcoming and warm are just a few words and only the beginning of what describes her.

Maxine Clark, CEB of Build-A-Bear Worshop

The company is very involved in volunteering and honoring those who go above and beyond to make an impact in our world. The have created a program to do just that - Huggable Heroes. We had the pleasure of meeting Zach Bonner and his mom, Laurie. Zach is currently walking across the United States to raise awareness about his platform, youth homelessness. He is also the founder of the Little Red Wagon Foundation. In 2011, there will also be a feature film based on him and his works, March Across America. Did I mention he is only 12? Zach is on Twitter and I am positive that he would love your support as he walks!

Laurie and Zach Bonner

We had the pleasure of listening to many speakers - Andrienne Weiss, Mary Heston, Jill Saunders and many, many others. After we had a few speakers, we were able to take of tour of the Bearquarters. This place is amazing! Obviously, it has Build-A-Bears everywhere. It is painted the classic yellow that is found in their stores and the walls are covered with 'Bearisms'.

Our fun tour guide, Sarah Terrill

Just one of many Bearisms.

Some of the offices

Just of few of the Build-A-Bears

A 'holding room' for many Build-A-Bear items

The bear hospital where bears are healed and lost
bears are returned to their owners.

The set where they photograph everything.

Maxine Clark really knows how to treat her employees like family - you need to bring your child to work? No, problem. You want off on Friday? They schedule that in bi-weekly. You want to bring your dog to work? We have gates and will play with your dog while they all work.

A dog that was at the office

This bed belongs to Mildred, who is the office dog. She also has
her own email address and business card!

Maxine Clark and her husband also invited all 25 or so moms and their families to her home for a BBQ. Her home is beautiful and she is such a gracious host. The kids had a magician and a balloon animal maker. Adults had the chance to socialize and relax. The food was consisted of hot dogs and mini hamburgers with all the sides but they were exceptionally yummy!

Bob and Maxine's lovely home

Macie waiting for her balloon

Zoa checking out the grounds

I just love this picture!

Zoa with her balloon, Ariel

Maxine would naturally be with the kids!

All of us moms also had the chance to chime in on several different ideas that BAB is coming out with.

My favorite, the "Smallfrys", hitting stores soon!

We also learned a lot of BAB Birthday Parties. After learning about what the parties consists of, we had the chance to have our own party at the Build-A-Workshop. It was such a fun time!

Laurie and Zach Bonner waiting for our party to start!

After the party was over and we all said our goodbyes, Jeremy and the girls joined me as the girls got to make there bears. This is something that never gets old in our family.

Macie waiting for her leopard, Spots

Zoa getting ready to put the heart in her puppy, Paws.

This will be a lifetime memory for my family and I. Jeremy loves the company as much as I do now and I learned so many things while I was there. It gave me a spark to dive back into blogging after losing it for a while. I am eternally grateful to Maxine, Bob and her family at Build-A-Bear.

Three Ladies and a Dad Disclosure: This post is possible through Build-A-Bear. Build-A-Bear provided me with a hotel room for two nights for my family and I, as well as gift cards and products as a thank you for attending their event. My post is an expression of my own honest opinion based on my experience and is not reviewed or edited by Build-A-Bear.

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